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Interview with Vanlife Trader

Interview with Vanlife Trader

Sandy Vans Co-Founder and CEO Alan Mondus sat down for a recent Q&A with online van marketplace Vanlife Trader. Check out the full interview from Vanlife Trader below!

Vanlife Trader Q&A with Sandy Vans (San Diego, CA)

Sandy Vans is checking every box a modern builder should. Spec builds with custom options, on brand components, friendly lead times, and my favorite option - in-house FINANCING! I personally love their tasteful exterior mods. Not too over the top, and not bone stock. It seems like they’ve always got a couple vans ready to roll as well as custom build slots available. If that’s not enough, their interior lighting seems to be on a level beyond most other builders! Can’t wait to see more of these on the road.

A Sandy Vans van with custom accessories in Alabama Hills, California.
Sandy Vans van Scarlett JoVansson in Alabama Hills, California.

Vanlife Trader: Spec or Custom builds? What are a couple features you’re excited about offering in your vans?

Sandy Vans: We are building Spec layouts with a semi-custom feel, the focus is to provide a luxury adventure van to the market at a reasonable price point. 

Not only is Sandy Vans building quality rigs, we are working hard to create and develop a high-end modular aluminum exterior component line that can ship right to a customer’s doorstep. Our roof rack, ladder, rear (Starboard) rack & Boost Box is now live and for sale on our website, with additional products being released in the coming months.

Two men sitting in chairs on a Sandy Vans sprinter van, overlooking the ocean.
The Sandy Vans Roof Rack and Boost Box add both storage space and customizability to your van.

VLT: How many vans did you build in 2022, and how many do you plan to build in 2023?

SV: We built 12 vans in 2022, on track for 30 in 2023.

Van interior from the back

VLT: Best camping spot within 4 hours of your shop?

SV: There are some all-time camping spots within striking distance of our shop, happy to send the pins when you drop by the shop for a visit :)

VLT: What van feature has evolved the most since y’all started?

SV: A new feature Sandy Vans is excited to talk about is the unique lighting packages we design and build in house - take a look at our recent build Scarlett JoVansson for a sneak peek!

Luxury van interior with custom lighting accents.
Unique lighting and interior of Sandy Vans latest build - Scarlett JoVansson.
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