Inspired Builds

Our Story

A convergence of artists, creators, and explorers. More than a brand, we're a beacon for passionate souls. We celebrate the journey of creation and the spirit of adventure.

Artists. Creators. Explorers
Beacon for the Bold
Fueling Artistry, Inspiring Exploration
Artists. Creators. Explorers
Beacon for the Bold
Fueling Artistry, Inspiring Exploration
Artists. Creators. Explorers
Beacon for the Bold
Fueling Artistry, Inspiring Exploration

Creatives and Explorers

Envision a space where artists, creators, and adventurous spirits converge. Welcome to Sandy Vans. We are more than a brand; we are a beacon for those who believe that life is an extraordinary canvas awaiting their unique strokes. Rooted in passion, our ethos embraces not just creation, but the vibrant exploration that breathes life into every piece of work. We embody the spirit of the relentless voyager, the unyielding artist, the unwavering dreamer. We strive to fuel your artistic fervor and incite your wanderlust. This is the essence of Sandy Vans - where passion, creativity, and exploration aren't merely encouraged, they're celebrated.

Sandy Vans Co-Founder Alan will always be around to hear any concerns and ensure Sandy Vans fuels positivity in your adventure.

Co-Founder Evan has a relentless pursuit of creation. His promises of the van parts product list growing exponentially.

Lead Van Builder Steven Stolp or just 'Stolp' focusing on the art of perfection. Continuously pouring effort into each van to create the perfect product.

Wood Specialist Brian knows how to make things happen, growing up in a wood shop lead to his unique ability for functional craftsmanship.

Our Approach

Focused On Living

At Sandy Vans, we celebrate life's vibrancy through creativity and exploration. Every product mirrors our commitment to quality and passion, designed to enhance your journey. Our focus? Living beyond existence, sparking self-expression, discovery, and growth. This is our approach, this is Sandy Vans.

Sandy Vans in San Diego

All our products are designed, prototyped & tested right here in California. With incredible testing grounds to the south in the beautiful Baja peninsula, this makes San Diego a premier headquarter location.

Details Matter

It's the intricate, thoughtful touches that transform our products from the ordinary to extraordinary. Each stitch, each line, every design decision reflects our unwavering dedication to quality, helping to enhance your journey one detail at a time.

Passion in Design

Passion is the fuel that drives Sandy Vans. It's etched in every design we conceive, making each product a testament to our love for creativity. We view each creation as a piece of art, crafted with fervor and dedication, embodying our commitment to elevate your experience.

Sandy Vans

Build Cool Sh*t

We live to build cool stuff. Fueled by passion, our designs are anything but ordinary. And hey, we're always evolving, ready for the next big wave of creativity

Built for those who believe adventures are best shared

A few passionate watersports & action adventurers came together with an idea to make van life more accessible, by bringing reasonably priced products to the van life community. Leaving our full time positions within engineering, supply chain & the business world – with a goal to put wheels under every keen adventurer. We are working hard on designing products that meet your needs and ship directly to your doorstep. Allowing you to build your dream van in your driveway.

Utilizing these same products, we can do the build for you. Sandy Vans provides rigs dirt road ready for purchase today!