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Prepping Your Van for a Ski Trip: Hit the Slopes with Sandy Vans

Prepping Your Van for a Ski Trip: Hit the Slopes with Sandy Vans

What better way to indulge in the thrill of fresh powder than by bringing the comforts of home right up to the snowy mountains? Transforming your van into a skier's haven amplifies the adventure and turns every ski trip into a memorable journey.

Whether you're a seasoned ski veteran or a newbie snowboard enthusiast, gearing up your van with essential modifications like a ski and snowboard rack, a ski locker, and a cargo box ski organizer will make your winter escapades seamless and enjoyable.

Gear Up: Essential Ski Van Life Additions

sandy vans boost box in the winter

Sandy Vans Boost Box: Your Go-To Ski Locker

Organizing and storing your ski gear efficiently is paramount for a hassle-free ski van life experience. The Sandy Vans Boost Box is designed with the adventurous spirit in mind, offering a sophisticated storage solution that acts as a mobile ski locker. It's tailored to securely accommodate your skis, snowboards, boots, and poles, ensuring everything is organized and within reach. The Boost Box's sleek design maximizes space, allowing for more room to relax and enjoy the après-ski moments in your van. 

The Perfect Ski and Snowboard Rack

A ski and snowboard rack is indispensable for any skiing van setup. It's all about convenience, accessibility, and maximizing interior space. A quality rack will safely transport your gear to and from the slopes, ensuring quick access so you can spend more time carving powder and less time fussing with gear storage. Look for racks that are not only sturdy and secure but also easy to install and compatible with your van's design.

Cargo Box Ski Organizer: Expand Your Storage

If you'd prefer to keep your Boost Box handy for other gear, and your skis protected, a cargo box ski organizer addition is perfect for extra skis, snowboards, and bulky winter equipment. Mounted on the roof, a cargo box ski organizer keeps your wet and cumbersome gear out of the living area, maintaining a cozy, organized space inside your van.

Winterize Your Van for Comfort and Safety

sprinter van in a winter parking lot

Insulate for Warmth

A well-insulated van is your best defense against the biting cold of winter nights. Adequate insulation not only keeps the interior warm but also enhances the efficiency of your heating system. Pay special attention to the walls, ceiling, and floor, and don't forget high-quality window coverings to prevent heat loss.

Heating: Stay Cozy on the Coldest Nights

A reliable heating system is non-negotiable for ski van life. Options range from portable heaters suitable for van life to built-in systems that provide consistent warmth. Whatever your choice, ensure it's safe for indoor use and efficient in fuel consumption to keep those chilly nights comfortably warm.

Maintain Ventilation to Avoid Condensation

Keeping the air inside your van fresh and dry is crucial, especially when returning with wet gear. Proper ventilation helps prevent condensation, maintaining a comfortable and mold-free environment. Consider installing roof vents or cracking open windows slightly when using heaters to ensure a steady airflow.

Prepare for Winter Roads

wintery road

Navigating snowy and icy roads demands preparation. Equip your van with winter tires for enhanced traction, and always have chains ready for those extra snowy days. Keeping an emergency kit with essentials like a shovel, ice scraper, and sand or kitty litter for added traction can be a lifesaver in sticky situations.


Embracing the ski van life merges the thrill of skiing and snowboarding with the freedom and comfort of having your home on wheels. With the right gear, like the Boost Box, and preparations, your van becomes more than just a vehicle; it transforms into a cozy, mobile base camp for all your winter adventures. So gear up, winterize your van, and get ready to carve up the slopes this season with everything you need right where you need it.

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