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Jarrod Tocci x Sandy Vans Collab: Casper the Sandy GHOST Van Build

Jarrod Tocci x Sandy Vans Collab: Casper the Sandy GHOST Van Build

We are stoked to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with renowned van expert and YouTuber, Jarrod Tocci. This partnership marks an exciting milestone in the world of van builds and promises to deliver some fun content for all levels of van life and DIY project enthusiasts.

In the first episode, titled "Ep. 1 - Casper the Sandy GHOST Van Build," Jarrod introduces the project and takes us on a journey through the process of building his dream van with Sandy Vans.

Throughout the video, Jarrod highlights the expertise of the Sandy Vans team, including their design prowess and engineering capabilities. He takes the audience on a tour of Sandy Vans' showroom, where clients can explore a wide range of options for their van builds. Jarrod also highlights one of Sandy Vans' unique flagship products called the Boost Box designed to securely store adventure gear or other wet equipment on the exterior of the van.

There are also some hints at exciting developments on the horizon...but you'll have to watch the video for those.

We'll be taking you along the whole process and collaboration with Jarrod. Stay tuned here for more updates and make sure to subscribe to Jarrod Tocci's channel for the latest episodes of this exciting van build series. It's going to be filled with creative ideas, detailed tutorials, and inspiring content! And don't forget to leave your comments and share your thoughts on the video, or what you want to see in the next episode.

Watch "Ep. 1 - Casper the Sandy GHOST Van Build" below!


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