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Van Lighting: 6 Creative Ideas for Van LED Lights

Van Lighting: 6 Creative Ideas for Van LED Lights

Lighting can transform a functional van into a cozy, inviting home on wheels. LED lights are a popular choice in the van life community due to their efficiency and versatility. (Our sunset LED strip lighting is a fan favorite!)

Here are some creative LED lighting ideas that can enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your van, to help you find a match for your own style and setup.

LED Van Lighting Ideas

1. Under-Cabinet Lighting

Ideal for cooking and essential tasks, using LED strip lights under kitchen cabinets or shelves provides a clean, modern look. This not only adds ambiance but also improves visibility for activities like kitchen prep and reading.

Example: This van conversion shows how under-cabinet LED lighting can make a small kitchen space sleek, functional, and stylish.

2. Toe-Kick Lighting

Toe-kick LEDs offer subtle lighting that helps in navigation during the night without disrupting the van's ambiance. Installing lights in the toe-kick areas of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets helps eliminate the need for harsh, bright overhead lights.

Example: Check out these Sandy Vans that uses toe-kick lights for a soft and colorful floor-level glow.

Sunset LED Strip Lighting - Sandy Vans  Sunset LED Strip Lighting - Sandy Vans

3. Ceiling Ambient Lighting

Installing LED strips around the ceiling perimeter or embedding them along the contours of the van's ceiling can create a beautiful starlight effect. The soft overhead glow is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in the evenings.

Example: This Sandy Van shows off its custom wavy LED light design, bringing extra light and personality to the space.

4. Backlit Storage and Shelving

Backlight your shelving units or closets with LEDs to not only make finding things easier but also to add an elegant, modern touch to the interior. We love functional luxury!

5. Exterior and Awning Lighting

Exterior LEDs are not just for aesthetics; they also provide necessary lighting for nighttime activities and add a layer of safety. You can enhance your outdoor living space by attaching LED strips under the awning or around the exterior of the van. 

Example: This setup features LEDs under the awning, providing extra light for outdoor activities.

Hightop CamperVan ARB Awning Installation - YouTube

6. Customizable Mood Lighting

Install RGB LED strips with a remote control to change the color and intensity of your van’s interior lights, adapting to different activities and moods. 

Example: This RV uses RGB lighting to transform its interior to whatever mood they want.

Auto Drive 120 Volts 16 feet Color Changing Flexible LED Tape Lights for RV  1 Pack -


LED lighting in your van doesn’t just serve a practical purpose; it can greatly enhance the overall vibe of your living space. With these creative ideas, you can choose lighting that not only fits your needs but also expresses your personal style.

Whether you are a full-timer or a weekend warrior, the right lighting can make your van feel like your home. Check out the Sandy Vans Sunset LED Strip Lighting for an affordable way to customize your space!


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