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Brandon Gross x Sandy Vans

Brandon Gross x Sandy Vans

It’s no secret that there's a certain allure in converting traditional vehicles into luxurious homes on wheels. So, when full-time converted ambulance dweller and adrenaline seeker Brandon Gross decided to test-drive one of our Sandy Vans 4x4 Sprinters, we couldn't wait to hear his thoughts.

Brandon is no stranger to the van life. He has been traversing the scenic landscapes of North America for almost two years, creating unforgettable experiences from the unique vantage point of his converted ambulance. His adventurous spirit is a perfect match for Sandy Vans, where we believe that comfort and adventure should be inseparable.

In his latest YouTube video, "Living in a 4x4 Sprinter for 7 Days!" Brandon shares his journey over the course of a week in one of our signature 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter vans. From his initial curiosity about the hype surrounding 4x4 Sprinters to his first-hand experience of our expertly designed and luxuriously outfitted vans, Brandon gives an honest and insightful review of the Sandy Vans experience.

Throughout the video, you'll see the distinctive Sandy Vans blend of functionality and luxury. Each of our Sprinters is designed to seamlessly incorporate all the essentials, such as a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom, into a mobile package. But we go beyond the basics. We’re about crafting an atmosphere, a real home-on-wheels that doesn’t skimp on style, comfort, or adventure-ready resilience.

Thanks to Brandon for taking Sandy Vans for a spin and sharing his experiences with the world!

Curious about how a Sandy Vans Sprinter can upgrade your adventures? Dive into the full video review on Brandon Gross's YouTube channel to see our 4x4 Sprinter van in action, or visit our vans page to learn more about our luxury adventure van conversions and available vans for sale.

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