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6 Top Van Life Creators to Follow in 2024

6 Top Van Life Creators to Follow in 2024

It’s no secret that the van life community is rich with inspiring individuals who turn the open road into a canvas for creativity, adventure, and storytelling. Going into the new year, we wanted to share some of our favorite creators best showcasing these journeys and the spirit of Sandy Vans.

From breathtaking photography to practical living tips, these creators are shaping the van life culture and sharing their unique experiences with the world. Here’s a look at some of the top van life creators who are a must-follow for anyone interested in this lifestyle.

Danny McGee - @mcgee 

Instagram | TikTok

danny mcgee van adventure creator with his van in bolivia salt flats sunrise

Danny McGee, otherwise known as McGee, is a powerhouse of adventure and breathtaking landscapes. A filmmaker and FPV drone pilot, his content truly sucks you in.

His content is a blend of awe-inspiring photography, stunning drone videos, and thrilling escapades, showcasing the limitless possibilities of life on the road. Follow McGee for a daily dose of wanderlust and to see the world with a first-person view.

Christian Schaffer - @christianschaffer

Instagram | Website

christian schaffer blonde woman in her sprinter van at mount baker

Christian Schaffer is a filmmaker and photographer who showcases her unique perspective of solo female van travel through her stunning visual storytelling. 

A true nomad at heart (and in action), Christian’s work captures the essence of living on the road—the freedom, the beauty, and sometimes, the solitude. Her feed is not just about picturesque landscapes; it's about the journey and the experiences that shape it.

Frankie & Alex - @fnavanlife

Instagram | Website

fnavanlife family with their dog in a van holding tools

Frankie and Alex of Fnavanlife have become synonymous with van life realness. This dynamic duo shares their journey of navigating life in a van, offering a mix of practical advice, life hacks, and their personal experiences. Their content is both informative and relatable, making van life accessible to all. And we’re excited to see what the next year has in store for them as they navigate their newest adventure: In 2023, Frankie and Alex (and their pup Paco) added a +1 to their van family with their first child.

Abbe Minor - @a.bbe

Instagram | Website

abbe minor in front of her yellow sprinter van with kobalt tools

Abbe Minor, or A.bbe as she’s known online, offers a unique blend of van life experiences with a focus on luxury van building and popping visuals of her iconic yellow sprinter van. Her journey is a great follow, and she even came out with a book detailing how she flipped her way to financial freedom through her van builds. Her content is educational, inspiring, and a must-follow for anyone interested in taking on a van build adventure.

Tory Delury - @torydelury

Instagram | Website

tory delury working on her van

Tory Delury’s approach to van life is refreshing and invigorating. Her content is a delightful mix of van build tips, personal insights, and her experiences on the road. Tory’s feed is an inspiration for those looking to embrace a minimalist yet fulfilling lifestyle. (With winter fast approaching, why not check out her free ebook on winter van life?)

Steven Stolp - @stolp_solutions

Instagram | Sandy Vans How To’s

steven stolp van builder instagram feed

Last but most definitely not least, we have to recommend our very own, Sandy Vans’ legendary Chief Build Officer, Steven Stolp!

Stolp’s content is a fascinating mix of build tutorials, van logistics, behind-the-scenes footage, and (true to his user-namesake) practical solutions. Known for his pragmatic approach to van living, Stolp shares tips and tricks that make life on the road smoother and more enjoyable. His content is a valuable resource for both newbie and veteran van lifers alike.

Each of these creators brings their own unique flavor to the van life community, offering insights, inspiration, and a sense of connection to like-minded individuals. Whether you’re an aspiring van lifer or a seasoned road warrior, following these creators might just help inspire your next adventure!

Van life is not just a lifestyle; it really is a journey of discovery and freedom (not to mention fodder for some stunning photography). And of course—for more stories and tips on van living, keep exploring and following Sandy Vans! Happy travels!

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