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Maximizing Space: Overland Storage Boxes for Your Camper Van

Maximizing Space: Overland Storage Boxes for Your Camper Van

If you’re reading this, we don’t need to tell you that adventure vans are the epitome of freedom and versatility, allowing enthusiasts to explore the unseen. But some things are better left unseen—all your gear and adventure toys can quickly get out of hand without a good storage solution, and optimizing space is crucial. 

Overland storage boxes are a great solution for efficient space utilization, allowing you to carry more, worry less, and fully live out your journeys. Here are some of the best ways to make the most out of your van’s space with van storage and cargo boxes.

Why Overland Storage Boxes for Adventure Vans

van with overland storage boxes and man standing by open van door

Overlanding storage boxes and racks are a great way to expand your van storage options. These sturdy, external storage solutions provide secure spaces for your gear, tools, and essentials while maximizing the internal living space of your camper van. Even if you do magically have room inside your van for your adventure gear, keeping it on the exterior also helps keep your van interior clean and feeling like home.

The market is brimming with a variety of overland storage boxes designed to suit every adventurer's need. These boxes are as diverse as your adventures, fitting the nuances of your lifestyle and your van’s aesthetics seamlessly.

Overland Storage Box Options

roof rack decking
  1. Roof Rack Boxes and Decking

Roof rack boxes are common picks for travelers, offering a streamlined and secure space for extra luggage and equipment. For those looking to elevate their storage game, the Sandy Vans Sandbar Roof Rack and Roof Rack Decking are stellar upgrades, providing a corrosion-resistant and sturdy space to secure your gear.

rear-mounted box - boost box
  1. Rear-Mounted Boxes – The Boost Box

The Boost Box by Sandy Vans is a prime example of a rear-mounted overland storage box. It is one of the largest on the market, offering a sleek and stylish design, coupled with functionality. Its aluminum build ensures durability, and the built-in hanger system and drain holes make it a versatile choice for storing wet gear and other equipment. You will need a rear rack to secure a rear-mounted box—our easy-to-install, durable Starboard Rack will do the trick.

  1. Side-Mounted and Hitch-Mounted Van Cargo Boxes

These van cargo boxes, mounted on the side or hitch of your vehicle, are easily accessible and excellent for storing bulkier or heavier items, ensuring your van maintains its aesthetic appeal and aerodynamics.

bike rack
  1. Specialized Bike Racks

For biking enthusiasts, specialized bike rack boxes are available. They are designed to safely secure bikes externally, allowing more internal space for other essentials. Cyclists can rejoice with the Kuat Bike Rack - Piston SR. This specialized rack mounts vertically on Starboard & Port racks, presenting a sophisticated and secure way to transport bikes.

Choosing the Right Van Storage Box

When selecting your overland van storage box, it's best to find a companion that complements your own adventure van and way of life. Consider the gear type, space requirements, and accessibility while picking the perfect storage solution.

Enhance Your Adventures with Optimal Storage

Overland storage boxes, be it the roof rack boxes, specialized bike racks, or the distinguished Boost Box, are pivotal for adventurers seeking to maximize their van space. They not only offer versatility but also ensure your journeys are rich and unbounded.

Venture into the unknown with the right storage companions by your side, and let every mile be a story!

Ready to redefine your travels with meticulously designed overland storage boxes from Sandy Vans? Explore our exterior product range or reach out to us with any questions at


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